A personalized, tailor-made insurance package

Sounds good?


What can you expect?

Always an affordable insurance package with the best conditions, that suits your needs? And your own advisor, who helps you if you have a question or damage? We would be happy to advise you. With a personalized, tailor-made insurance package you can always count on the most optimal coverage that fits your needs. And that at a considerable discount and the best conditions. Also for all your business insurance policies.

Responsible insurances
We always insure your property with an insurer that has an eye for the world around us. By supporting good causes and local projects, a part of your premium will be returned to our society.

How does it work?

Step 1: Collect and analyze information
Contact us for an appointment. We need an overview (policies) of your current insurance to be able to develop your advice. We ask you to send the necessary documents (in advance) to us. We also ask you to think about a number of questions.

Of course you will receive a clear overview of everything we need from us.

Step 2: Quotation (appointment)
Based on the information we have received from you, we will tell you clearly during the appointment what we advise, what choices you have and what the differences are.

Step 3: Exit
Like the offer? Then we will immediately arrange your new personal insurance package, based on your choices. We also ensure the cancellation of your current insurance policies.