Choosing the right mortgage

through personal advice


What can you expect?

Do you need a new mortgage? Then we help you not only choose the right mortgage, but we arrange all administrative matters for you. We call that ‘full service’.

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of mortgages, your advisor knows the market like no other. Of course, we compare (virtually) all banks, insurers and other lenders in the market. We tell you what options you have and give you an insight into all the differences. This way you can make the right choices.

And do you know what you want? Leave the rest to us. We arrange the entire financial process, from the first advice to the notary.

Why GoodFinanZ?
• Orientation is always free!
• We like simplicity and do not make things too difficult.
• Affordable rates. A complete mortgage advice and guidance from € 1,650, –
• Always a fair and independent comparison of virtually all banks and other lenders in the market.
• You provide us with the correct information and documents on time. We do the rest.
• Your advisor has more than 20 years experience in the field of mortgages and insurance.
• Always the same advisor and contact person.
• Always an advice from an Certified Financial and Mortgage Advisor

How does it work?

Step 1: Orientation (1st appointment)
Contact us for an appointment. During this appointment we introduce ourselves, we look at your current situation, your wishes and the financial situation. Often we can give you a good indication of your options and costs right away. Based on this first meeting, you decide whether you want to proceed to step 2 and have your mortgage taken care of by us.

Step 2: Collect and analyze information
In order for you to get started, you have to give us an order for it. We also need a lot of information and documents from you to be able to work out a good advice. We give you a clear overview of everything we need. If you ensure that we receive the correct documents on time, we ensure that we have all calculations, comparisons and analyzes ready for you quickly.

Step 3 Making advice and choices (2nd appointment)
Based on all the information we have received from you, we clearly tell you which choices you have and what the differences are. Of course we also support this in figures, with a clear report. We also tell you what we think are the best choices, but of course you are the one who chooses.

Step 4: Mortgage apply
Have you made your choices? Then ask, based on your choices, a contract for your mortgage. In addition, we also make preparations for all other important matters (for example, the application for a bank guarantee, the valuation, applying for insurances, etc.)

Step 5: Signing the mortgage offer and other documents (3rd appointment)
The bank will make an offer for your mortgage and if everything is to your liking, you can sign it.

Step 6: Assessment
We send the signed offers, together with all supporting documents that the bank has requested, to the bank for assessment.

Step 7: Evaluation and aftercare
If the bank has agreed, everything is ready to go to the notary. If you wish, we will make a final appointment for an evaluation meeting. As long as the mortgage runs, you can always contact us for all your questions about your mortgage. In our service contract, we agree on what you can expect from us.