Being sustainable

Don’t we all want that?


In everything we do, we think carefully about the effects on our world and society. How we do that? Below some examples of how we implement this.

Sustainable business management
In our daily business operations we are aware of the environmental impact. In this way we print as little as possible, but when we print, we do it on woodfree paper. We prefer to work together with parties that are also conscious about the world around us. We also drive to our customers in an electric car. The electricity comes from solar energy.

Climate projects and offset CO2 emissions
Part of our profit, we donate, through the Fair Climate Fund, in climate projects in developing countries. In this way we also compensate our CO2 emissions.

Sustainable insurances

We prefer to arrange your insurance with an insurer that is also aware and has an eye for the world around us. For example, by supporting good causes and local projects, part of your premium will be returned to our society.

Sustainable housing
Our office is located on the terrrain of the former Nolte factory, now known as Sectie C, Eindhoven. The old Nolte officebuilding has been completely converted into a modern workplace for many different companies. By working together and sharing the spaces, we save money and the environment