make your home energy-efficient

and sustainable

Energy saving advice

What can you expect?

In addition to our own contribution to a better world, we also want to help our customers.

We therefore give you advice on how to make your home energy-efficient. Think of floor, wall or roof insulation, heating, but also the possibility of a solar water heater or solar panels and the heating installation. For this we work together with energy consultants and installers. We also look at the possible financing options. Do you follow up on the energy advice and do you carry out the proposed activities? Then we arrange everything for you, from financing to installation and delivery of the energy-saving measures you have chosen.

With this we want to give our customers insight and encourage them to make their homes energy-efficient. Do you decide to arrange the recommended energy saving measures? In that case, consultancy fees apply to a mortgage (except for the costs of carrying out the work).

What are the possibilities?

Energy label (€ 400)
You will receive an energy label from the energy advisor who has recorded the characteristics of your home. The energy label for homes indicates with classes A++++ (green, very economical) to G (red, very inefficient) how energy efficient a house is compared to similar houses. An energy label is mandatory when selling.

Basic sustainability advice (€ 425)
What is it?
The sustainability advice is an objective and visual advice on location, in which a structural consultant looks at how the home can be made more energy efficient. Components are assessed, such as:
– glazing
– lightning
– insulation
– crack- and draft passage
– heating installation
– hot tap water; and
– solar panels

What do you get?
After recording, you will receive an extensive report within three working days, containing all sustainability measures and an associated cost estimate

Extensive sustainability advice (€ 550)
What is it?
The extensive sustainability advice goes one step further. After recording the current energy label, it is examined which parts of the home can be made more sustainable in order to achieve the highest achievable energy label. We look at how the house can go from, for example, label F to A and what the possible investment would be for this. After implementation of the measures, the new energy label can be deregistered remotely for an additional cost of €50 (incl. VAT).

What does the customer get?
After the recording, you will receive the report within three working days with sustainability advice for the home, including a scenario and cost estimate to achieve the best possible label.

Implementation of the measures
If you wish, the implementation of the measures can be taken care of by a specialized advisory team. The advisory team has years of experience in managing such projects and has construction partners throughout the Netherlands to carry out the project to a high standard. A project manager will take care of the entire sustainability project.