make your home energy-efficient

and sustainable

Energy saving advice

What can you expect?

In addition to our own contribution to a better world, we also want to help our customers.

We therefore give you advice on how to make your home energy-efficient. Think of floor, wall or roof insulation, heating, but also the possibility of a solar water heater or solar panels and the heating installation. For this we work together with energy consultants and installers. We also look at the possible financing options. Do you follow up on the energy advice and do you carry out the proposed activities? Then we arrange everything for you, from financing to installation and delivery of the energy-saving measures you have chosen.

The energy saving advice and examining the financial possibilities is not free of charge, but you’ll get a good discount through GoodFinanZ. Ask for the possibilities.

With this we want to give our customers insight and encourage them to make their homes energy-efficient. Do you decide to arrange the recommended energy saving measures? In that case, consultancy fees apply to a mortgage (except for the costs of carrying out the work).

How does it work?

Step 1
Contact us for an appointment. During this appointment we look together at your current situation, your wishes and the financial picture. Do you want to finance the energy-saving measures via a mortgage or loan? Then we also look at the possibilities and monthly costs.

Step 2
If we know what financial possibilities there are, we make sure that an energy consultant makes an appointment with you quickly. He / she looks at how and how much energy you can save. This is different for every home. The consultant makes an offer that clearly states what options you have, what the one time costs are, and how much you could save per month.

Step 3
You now know your options, what it costs and how much you can save each month. On that basis you decide whether and which energy-saving measures you want to have installed.

Have you made your choices? Then we will, together with our partners, ensure that the installer(s) carry out the chosen work. If you have chosen to finance the measures, we will also arrange that for you.